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THE Game


We caught Coach celebrating in front of the local Krispy Kreme, and it wasn't just because of the Hot Doughnuts Now. Nuff said. This is the game where we whip out the old Tennessee Vol Rocky Top can of whoopin' and extend our DECADE OF DOMINANCE into the new millenium. It's taken a few years, but it's going to be great. No more of that rolling over and playing dead like last year. This team has what it takes and they are IN IT TO WIN IT.


This rivalry is what makes the SEC the SEC. Ferinstance, I remember September 21, 2002 like it was yesterday. But enough about that, onto the game. I'm just gonna do a little name analysis to explain why I know the Vols will win this year. Here's a little food for thought for you (sorry Lulu, I know talking about food is gonna make you hungry again):


QB - They got Tebow, we got Crompton. Crompton does not sound at all like Tea Bag. Advantage: Vols


RB - They got some guy named Mon who never plays. We've got a guy named Montario and he did. Advantage: Vols


WR - They got a man named Percy. WTF kind of name is that, that's the train from Thomas the Tank Engine that my son always used to call something that sounded like pussy. We got Rogers. Mr. Rogers >>>> Thomas the Tank Engine. Advantage: Vols


OL - Get this, they got a guy named Tartt starting his first game this year and he eats all sorts of good stuff for dinner, like Squirrel and Coon and any other sort of road kill he can find. I eat that stuff all the time and let me tell you, it doens't always sit too well in your stomach. Plus, they have two guys with the same name, M. Pouncey and M. Pouncey, so they only count once. We've got an Irish guy, O'Neill. OK, so it's really McNeil and he isn't Irish, but I'm still counting that for us. Advantage: Vols


Defense - I'm just summing this up with one name - Wondy Pierre-Louis. Wondy???? Pierre-Louis???? Advantage: Vols


Enough said about all that. I've got to go study the game plan a bit. But before I go, did I ever show you one of my proudest moments? This was from the day we went on Wheel of Fortune. What a great day that was.



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