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Welcome to Our Home!


Nevermind....Bring on the Gators!


We finally made it back home folks. Lulu was so depressed after that UCLA game that she couldn't go home until she saw her favorite singing group of all time get their Hollywood star. Well, they finally got it a couple days ago, and we've got the picture above to prove it. I think Lulu wanted to impress the Indian Chief, so she put on a skirt. I think he was more impressed with me for some reason. But she got to see them and we boarded a plane back home.


We've got a game this weekend against UAB, but we're thinking ahead to next week when we get to host the team that owns us, the Florida Gators. This year is going to be different. I know they have the defending Heisman Trophy winner, but our coach is the Krispy Kreme champion 13 years running. I hope to give y'all some perspective on the game later this week, but I'm hungry right now. They don't feed you on planes anymore, and I'm still trying to make up those lost calories. Lulu and I are heading out to Hooters right now, they have the best wings in town you know.


Would you like to know when I post an update? I won't ever even look at your email address, when a new post is made, you'll just get a simple note to come see what I've been up to. I ain't selling it or giving it away either, I wouldn't do that to an SEC fan. Now if you're a Big 10 fan, don't let me find out.